Since 1990 All-Star Identification has developed and produced products focused on the identification marketplace. From the beginning, the All-Star Identification philosophy was to provide a superior product at an affordable price. This spirit can be witnessed first hand in the products and services that All-Star Identification offers today. All-Star Identification Systems provides software development and systems integration. Being a privately held Corporation, we have the flexibility and access to resources to support and supply any size organization.

All-Star Identification Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of Quality Identification Products and Services, Specializing in Visitor ID Systems & ID Software that is customized to meet your every Security need!

What are credit card skimmers? -Monday, May 9, 2016
"What are credit card skimmers?" Learn what to look for, avid and do in order to not become a victim to this ever growing scam!
As of Friday, The office of Homeland Security stated that Airline Passengers will need to move to a more secure Drivers License called a "Real ID" as i January 22, 2018 if they want to use their DL at Security Checkpoints.
France is on HIGH ALERT as it prepares for 10 Million fans and their attendance to Europe's Biggest Soccer Tournament.
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